She is the Editor of BeerStyle a blog site which reviews beers whilst engaging readers at a sensory level, in the pairing of each beer to fashion, music and art. She was the Editor for Beer & Brewer magazine and was also a key member of the tasting panel for the magazine for over 2 years. Kirrily is a regular judge at The Australian International Beer Awards and was invited (with an ongoing open invitation) to judge at the Great British Beer Festival in the UK in 2010, forming part of the team judging the Champion Beer of Britain.

A staunch believer in staff training, Beer Diva went on to launch a training arm, specialising in training bar staff around the service and appreciation of beer. To date, Beer Diva has trained over 3,000 bar staff, who all know how to pour the perfect pot!

Kirrily loves to get her hands dirty and has brewed collaboratively on many occasions and has been actively involved in the brewing of over 10 commercially released beers in Australia.

Kirrily is a truly passionate advocate for beer and the Australian beer industry and offers a unique voice to what is often perceived as a male-dominated industry.